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Become a Dealer

Why become a dealer for Amici Catheters?

If you are a home health care store or pharmacy, you may have customers who need to catheterize and have to pay out-of-pocket for their catheters because they don't have insurance.  Offering them Amici Catheters makes sense for the following reasons:

  • Amici catheters are made of medical grade PVC that is free of DEHP and BPA additives.
  • Amici catheters are now available with fire polished eyelets under the Amici Plus line.  Fire polished eyelets make insertion smoother and more comfortable, and are a feature often found only on more expensive catheters.  Fire polished eyelets are offered in the Amici Plus line for no additional cost.
  • Amici catheters are priced well below other catheters on the market today.  Amici's affordable price means that patients do not need to wash and reuse their catheters, which can be detrimental to their health.

Attractive Dealer Margins, No Minimums

We offer very attractive margins to our dealers that carry Amici catheters.  There are no minimum purchase quantities either - you can purchase as little or as many items as you need.  

Want to become a dealer?  It's easy.  Just follow these two steps:
  1. First create an account on this website by clicking on the Create An Account link in the upper left hand corner and fill in your company's information.  
  2. Once you've created an account, contact us at 1-800-387-5150 or oos@oosmedical.com, and we will update your account to have special dealer pricing.