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About Us

Amici Intermittent Catheters - the best value in catheters on the market today

Reasonable Prices

In 1999, we introduced Amici catheters because we realized that customers demanded a high quality PVC catheter that was reasonably priced.  Throughout the years we have not increased prices on Amici catheters, ensuring that Amici catheters remain the best value in Intermittent Catheters on the market.

Amici Catheters - A Constant Evolution

While the price of our catheters is low, they are made to a high standard.  Over the years we have continually improved our catheters, while keeping prices the same.  Here is a summary of the evolution of Amici Catheters:

  • 1999 - introduced Amici Catheters made of 100% PVC with no latex
  • 2004 - introduced Tiemann Tip (bent tip) Amici Catheters
  • 2009 - began production of Amici Catheters made of 100% PVC Free of BPA and DEHP
  • 2013 - introduced Amici PLUS Catheters with polished eyelets for more comfort
AmiciCatheters.com is owned an operated by O.O.S. Medical.  As the manufacturer of Amici catheters, we are certified by ISO under the ISO13485 standard for medical supplies, which ensures that our catheters are of high quality.  
We are located in Toronto, Ontario and have been a retailer and wholesaler of medical supplies for more than 30 years, serving pharmacies, home health care stores, hospitals and end-users.